Reflections and commentary on the cannabis industry, entrepreneurship, travel, and being Black in America.

How I Beat COVID-19

4 steps to overcome fear & seek growth during the Pandemic. This year, we’ve experienced a lot of firsts. Since March, we’ve all been in a state of confusion trying to navigate our new normal. It involves a lot of hard truths and harsh realizations about the state of things, but also within ourselves. IfContinue reading “How I Beat COVID-19”

Cannabis Tourism Interview

Earlier this year, a local news outlet reached out to me to conduct an interview on cannabis tourism. Here’s what happened. Q: What are cannabis or “420”  tours? James Gordon (JG): For us at Chi High Tours, we look at cannabis tours as an opportunity to reduce the stigma associated with consumption and provide educationContinue reading “Cannabis Tourism Interview”

white supremacy cannabis industry

Is White Supremacy in the Cannabis Industry Real?

Over the last few weeks, people around the world have had their eyes opened to the systematic racism that runs rampant in America’s ecosystem. From redlining, to Eurocentric curriculums, to the school-to-prison pipeline. If you’ve recently discovered these underlying forms of white supremacy that are deeply woven into the fabric of American society and theContinue reading “Is White Supremacy in the Cannabis Industry Real?”

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