Cannabis Tourism Interview

Earlier this year, a local news outlet reached out to me to conduct an interview on cannabis tourism. Here’s what happened.

Q: What are cannabis or “420”  tours?

James Gordon (JG): For us at Chi High Tours, we look at cannabis tours as an opportunity to reduce the stigma associated with consumption and provide education on everything cannabis has to offer…Not only in general like health & recreational benefits but specific info pertaining to each city like historical facts & initiatives on social equity issues, unique cannabis culture stops & dispensaries.

Q: Where have you seen cannabis tourism growth?

JG: Over the past five years there has been a significant rise in cannabis tourism in States like California and Colorado. As more states legalize recreational consumption I see the growth continuing. Cities like Chicago that have had over 50 million tourist in 2019 along with popular tourist friendly States like Michigan are both examples of the potential cannabis tourism has.

Q: What are common misconceptions around cannabis tourism?

JG: Some of the major misconceptions about cannabis tourism is that it’s going to be just a big smoke fest with stops at the dispensaries only along with a small lesson on dosage. In fact cannabis tours is a great opportunity to gain an educational experience and history about cannabis similar to what an educational wine or culinary tour would provide.

Q: What are your personal experience as a cannabis traveler?

JG: Some cannabis traveler experiences that are the most memorable would be my trip to Amsterdam and experiencing the free nature of the ultimate cannabis culture. The other would be a spontaneous opportunity to enjoy Denver Colorado’s quaint and nostalgic ibake consumption lounge.

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