James Gordon

The Grit Maker

Entrepreneur | Mental Health Advocate | Cannabis Activist

In 2007, James walked out of federal prison with a promise to himself and his family that he would never return. Now, 13 years later, James has built companies from the ground up, made killer investments, and helped others realize their full potential along the way.

About My Business

James is an accomplished entrepreneur.  As a co-owner of a large medical billing company that caters to over 250 substance abuse & mental health treatment facilities and hospital systems Nationwide, James has managed over $1 Billion in paid healthcare insurance claims on behalf of his clients, including an average of $60 Million of claims transmitted monthly. He has spoken to hundreds of healthcare providers around the Nation to discuss ways hospitals and treatment programs can increase revenue and streamline their revenue cycle management systems. In addition James partnered with the Joint Commission to assist in providing thought leadership on the business side of healthcare. 

Highlights include speaking at  Foundations Recovery Network Conference  series, interviewing former Democratic U.S. representative, Patrick Kennedy on ways to improve the behavioral healthcare system. interviewing behavioral healthcare clinician and talk show host, Dr. Drew.

James has also been doing his part to maintain active Social responsibility. Serving as a Prison Ministries representative for South Florida Prison, helping to develop and participate in the Heroes in Recovery 5K Run/Walk, an event that helps in the reduction of the stigma that often surrounds substance use and mental health disorders.

 Currently James has entered the ever growing cannabis industry by investing and developing  multiple cannabis testing laboratories along with developing a cannabis tourism company in Chicago called Chi High Tours.

James is also currently working on developing cannabis pop up museums that will provide thought leadership on the history of cannabis in the US.

James is an avid traveler who believes that international travel helps to broaden the mind and become aware of your abilities. to date he has been to over 25 international cities and explored all continents except Asia.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY James now lives between Miami, Fl and Chicago, Ill


To Be Blunt

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Companies I help founded & represent are…

CHI HIGH TOURS-Cannabis tours bus experience in Chicago

CANMED LABS -Cannabis testing laboratory located in Sacramento,CA & opening in Chicago 2021.

PANACEA HEALTHCARE SERVICES – Medical billing company serving hospital systems and behavioral healthcare treatment centers

MUGGLE ROOMS – Interactive Cannabis Pop up experience.

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